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Fuss Free Finance is here to assist you to secure a car and utes loan for your next vehicle purchase, irrespective of new or used. We get you the lowest interest rate and best finance options, tailor-made to suit your budget and lifestyle.

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  1. If you are 18 or more years of age.
  2. If you’re an Australian citizen or have a Permanent Residency.
  3. If you’re currently working.
  4. No current bankruptcy issues
  5. No unpaid default on your name of more than $ 7000.

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Business VS Personal Loans

Business car loans

A business car loan is great if you want to buy a car for your business or as a sole operator. You have to make on-time monthly instalments to repay the loan. Once done, the vehicle is yours.

Personal car loans

In a personal car loan, you take money from a financial institution and make an agreement to pay back the loan in instalments in a stipulated time period. Generally, personal loans attract a lower interest rate.

Secured VS Unsecured

Secured Car Loan

Under this loan, the car being your asset is used as a security against the loan you acquire. The lender will have the authority to compensate the loss by using your security in case you fail to repay the loan.

Unsecured Car Loan

This loan makes your life easier by not having any assets against your taken loan. Since this is a greater risk for the lender, the interest rates under this loan are higher than the secured loan. This simply counterbalances the elevated risk of the lender’s money.

Even with all the information, you should cross-check the essentials of both types of loans with our experts at Fuss Free Finance.

Car leasing in Australia

Car leasing in Australia allows you to have the car but without the ownership status. Simply put, while approaching the term end, you will have the choice to either buy it or trade to get a newer model. For more information, our experts are just around the corner.


The potential benefits are:

  • Tax concessions for business owners.
  • Unrestricted use of the vehicle.
  • You have the freedom to choose a lease term period ranging from 12 to 60 months.
  • You can upgrade to the newest model when you approach the end of the lease term.

The Concept of Novated Leasing

This is a great option for business owners looking to issue their employees with a car. The vehicle is issued as part of a salary package arrangement, with the lease subtracted from your pre-tax salary by your employer.

Advantages for Employees

  • Freedom from an Income Tax burden.
  • You can enjoy the flexible lease terms that lie in between 12 to 60 months.

Advantages for Employers

  • Give your employees greater remuneration options.
  • If an employee leaves, the employer is no way responsible for the vehicle.

Chattel Mortgage

It is quite similar to a secured loan in a way that your asset will be treated as a security against the loan procured. You will have the full authority of the vehicle once all the payments are completed.


  • Just like a secured loan, it has low- interest rates.
  • No deposit loan options may be available.
  • It has a convenient lease period starting from 12 months to 84months.
  • If you’re registered for GST, this allows you to get claim Input Tax Credits.

Hire Purchase Loan


This type allows you to get a loan if you are thinking of buying a new or a used car. You just need to repay the loan payments in the form of monthly instalments. Once you are done with the whole loan repayment, the vehicle is all yours.


  • The ability to choose between fixed or low interest rates.
  • Get a flexible lease period between 12 and 60 months.
  • 100 per cent finance options are available; starting from the minimum of 10 per cent deposit.
  • This loan applies on equipment, new or for already used vehicles.

Bad credit loans

Individuals or businesses that face a bad credit record can be offered a personalised financial solution in the form of a Bad Credit Loan. Bad Credit occurs when a person or business has previously failed to make timely payments to a loan agreement. A low credit score is a tell-tale sign of bad credit. Professional lenders can assist in your time of need with a personalised bad credit loan.

Tips to boost your credit score

  • Cut down your credit card debt to less than 30%
    of the balance.
  • Speak with your creditor to get your late payment history removed from your credit file.
  • Get rid of the debt amount collection reflecting on your credit report.

Low Docs Loans

It can be uncomfortable or difficult to provide financial documents if you are a business owner or self-employed.. In general, a loan application in Australia needs a range of documents including driver’s license, expenses, income, liabilities, etc. With a Low Doc loan,lenders will find another way to access your eligibility.


  • Availability of zero deposit options
  • Documents reflecting your tax returns or financial status may not be required.
  • Loan terms of up to 7 years.


You just need to have certain important documents, these are:

  • Current Australian Residency Identification.
  • One current bank statement or 2 recent payslips.

No, it is not necessary. We give our customers the ease of either financing or sourcing the vehicle themselves at the most affordable rates. Thus, they can source their own car.

We are a dedicated financial services provider whose aim is to satisfy our customers with the best of services with profound professionalism, loyalty, and customer-tailored quick solutions. We focus on providing low-interest loans to our client’s. Moreover, our financial partners help in choosing the perfect vehicle for you.

Various factors like age of the vehicle, credit file, credit scores, assets & liabilities are the deciding factors of the interest rate. However, we offer a minimum interest rate of 4.69 % for new vehicles for business use customers.

A balloon payment is a lump sum payment that is made at the end of the loan term. Since this is a one-time payment, the loan amount is higher than what you pay on a monthly basis.

After receiving your loan application, one of our financial brokers will get in contact with you, within 2 hours. Our ideal processing time starts within one hour. For any more information, you can call us to better understand the loan approval process.

As our customer, we can help you with certain things, such as-

  • Apply with less documentation.
  • Get discounted rates less than a consumer loan ranging from 0.4- 3 %.
  • Get a tax write off with our services, But, we suggest talking to your financial advisor before proceeding with the loan application.
  • If I am bankrupt, can I still apply for a loan?

You cannot get a loan if you are facing bankruptcy or are a part of part 9 or part 10 debt agreement.

You cannot get a loan if you are facing bankruptcy or are a part of part 9 or part 10 debt agreement.

Your credit score will be recorded if your repayments are 14 days overdue. However, we believe in providing a chance to everyone, so you can call our brokers anytime.

Our experts at Fuss Free Finance will thoroughly review & understand your circumstances and eventually will find you the best solution.

Unlike a bank, we will not show your credit file status if your application gets rejected. We don’t want the bad impression on your file. However, more than 6 enquiries in a year may affect your financial application process.

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