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We are financing specialists with very competitive rates for the Marine industry, we offer loans for all types of water craft.

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  1. You should be 18 or more years of age.
  2. You should be an Australian citizen or have Permanent Residency.
  3. You should be currently working.
  4. No current bankruptcy issues.
  5. You should have any unpaid default on your name of more than $ 7000.

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At Fuss-Free Finance, we provide you with low-interest loans to fulfil your water activities. Our team carefully handles all your boats and jetskis related loan concerns. Give us a chance and get the best financial experience of all time.

Secured VS Unsecured

Secured Loan

Treat your boat as an asset to guarantee the loan. You can have the full authority of your vehicle once you complete your loan repayment commitments. Complete the payment in the fixed time frame and get the vehicle.

Unsecured Loan

The interest-rates in this type of loan is higher as compared to a secured loan, thus compensating the increased losing risk of the lender's money. Since there is no deposited asset considered as security, you need to demonstrate the capability of repaying the loan amount.

Be it a secured or an unsecured loan, it is advised to consult your financial broker at Fuss-Free Finance.

Chattel Mortgage

Like a secured loan, your asset will be treated as the security against the loan. The lender will effectively keep a mortgage on the vehicle and once loan repayment is done, congrats, the vehicle is all yours.


  • Advantage of low-interest rates.
  • Availability of 100 % finance options.
  • 12 to 84 months of loan flexibility terms.
  • Get the advantage of receiving Input Tax Credits if under GST registration.


You just need to have certain important documents, these are:

  • Current Australian Residency Identification.
  • One current bank statement or 2 recent payslips.

No, it is not necessary. We give our customers the ease of either financing or sourcing the vehicle themselves at the most affordable rates. Thus, they can source their own car.

We are a dedicated financial services provider whose aim is to satisfy our customers with the best of services with profound professionalism, loyalty, and customer-tailored quick solutions. We focus on providing low-interest loans to our client’s. Moreover, our financial partners help in choosing the perfect vehicle for you.

Various factors like age of the vehicle, credit file, credit scores, assets & liabilities are the deciding factors of the interest rate. However, we offer a minimum interest rate of 4.69 % for new vehicles for business use customers.

A balloon payment is a lump sum payment that is made at the end of the loan term. Since this is a one-time payment, the loan amount is higher than what you pay on a monthly basis.

After receiving your loan application, one of our financial brokers will get in contact with you, within 2 hours. Our ideal processing time starts within one hour. For any more information, you can call us to better understand the loan approval process.

As our customer, we can help you with certain things, such as-

  • Apply with less documentation.
  • Get discounted rates less than a consumer loan ranging from 0.4- 3 %.
  • Get a tax write off with our services, But, we suggest talking to your financial advisor before proceeding with the loan application.
  • If I am bankrupt, can I still apply for a loan?

You cannot get a loan if you are facing bankruptcy or are a part of part 9 or part 10 debt agreement.

You cannot get a loan if you are facing bankruptcy or are a part of part 9 or part 10 debt agreement.

Your credit score will be recorded if your repayments are 14 days overdue. However, we believe in providing a chance to everyone, so you can call our brokers anytime.

Our experts at Fuss Free Finance will thoroughly review & understand your circumstances and eventually will find you the best solution.

Unlike a bank, we will not show your credit file status if your application gets rejected. We don’t want the bad impression on your file. However, more than 6 enquiries in a year may affect your financial application process.


Start with the online application within minutes.


Go for a Financial broker who offers you the best deal.


Our Experts will help you in making the best choice.


Once approved, help yourself with the vehicle or contact us about the delivery options.

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I had a delightful bike loan experience with the experts at Fuss- Free Finance company. My loan was approved in a record-breaking time. The team handled all my concerns so professionally that I recommend their services to everyone now.

Forever thankful.

Justin Hales

Live an extra mile with the financing options provided by Fuss- Free finance. They addressed every single concern of mine with great patience, knowledge, and extreme potential. Hats off to the team.

They are simply the best and I wish them continued success.

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